Welcome to Mogilee

If you want to see the best of Ethiopia with comfortable and intimate surroundings, Mogilee Lodge and Tours is your only choice. We provide our customers with world-class service. Our goal is to make your stay and travel with us the most pleasurable and memorable so that you will always want to come back.

Furnishings inside the lodge were built using leather materials created locally. The beautifully fashioned chairs, cushions, and couches are custom designed others are expertly selected from vendors.

In addition to providing a lodging place, Mogilee offers a variety of tours providing guests with unparalleled access to all that Ethiopia has to offer.


What We Offer

Historical Tours

More than 6000 years old, Ethiopia offers visitors a variety of historical sites and tangible artifacts to be seen and experienced.

Cultural Tours

Many different types of people occupy the land of Ethiopia, including agricultural, pastoral, nomadic, and tribal cultures.

Religious Tours

Ethiopia has been a center of different religious faiths since their infancy, such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and even animism.

Wildlife Tours

Along with the more common East African game and wildlife, the endemic animals of Ethiopia are some of the most fascinating in the world.

Birding Tours

With more than 800 species of birds within the country, Ethiopia is one of Africa's key birdwatching destinations.

Trekking Tours

Many areas of Ethiopia are covered by walking trails, which are used by local people and are ideal for hiking and viewing the environment.

Camping Tours

Whether in the afro-alpine forests, mountainous highlands, grassy plains, or riverside, camping in Ethiopia is a rewarding activity.

Day Tours

If you are only in Ethiopia for a short time, there is plenty to be experienced in and around Addis Ababa within a day.

Archeological Tours

Ethiopia, being the cradle of mankind, contains archeological sites which reveal information that is vital to the history of civilization.

Custom Package Tours

Whatever your interests are and no matter how much time you have, we can plan an itinerary specific to your needs. Just contact us today!

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